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Nice JQuery Plugin

August 13, 2011


I recently found out a very nice JQuery plugin. I havent tried it yet but will try it soon.. From the demo…its worth a shot !! Advertisements

A small story with big learning

May 16, 2011


Once there was a saint….. He was climbing a mountain…. He was panting heavily… He had only 1 small bag with him…. He then saw a small girl carrying her younger brother and climbing the mountain… She was climbing very merrily without any trouble.. The saint asked her.. “I have very small weight but I […]

Money is not everything but everything is money!

September 18, 2010


I was just reading an article regarding money.. I had the same old clich├ęs, saying…money can buy you a bed but not sleep…etc… I have never agreed to such notions. According to me Money is the most important and essential thing at least in todays world. Today…..if u dont have money..u cant treat your ailing […]