Motormen Strike

Posted on May 5, 2010


Recently,The city of Mumbai was taken on ransom by the agitating Motormen ,who are the drivers of the vehicles which are rightly said the Life Line of the city.

Everyday,about 70 lac people travel by local trains and just because their demands were not met ,they went on a strike.

They may be right but they never gave a thought to what the people will have in store…there were exams and pupils instead of worrying about paper were thinking about how to reach!!

The condition of traffic,which was already not very pretty ,turned to even worse.

The motormen should take the sufferings also into considerations.Also ,

In the last strike The government had promised them that their demands were under considertaion and a comitee had been setup to look into some of their demands and rest were aggreed to.

This step was certainly not done…….

I would like to appreciate the railways and govt.of  Maharastra for the way they handled the chaos and were bold enough to invoke ESMA……

But we all hope that this was the last time……..

chala  chala train aali….

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