The power of Ruby on Rails

Posted on April 30, 2010


About 3 months ago I was introduced to Ruby on Rails.I did make some small applications of it but wasn’t really convinced of its power.Then Once I had a challenge with my friend.He was a Java guy.We wanted to check who can make a particular application faster.

He made it in 45 mins.I was  stunned.Then it was my turn.And guess what ?I made it in 7 mins!!!!

What Ruby on Rails has done is that it has enabled guys those have just started developing applications the confidence that their app is working.Once we see that the app is working,we see that something is going in the database, That feeling for a newbie is unaddressable.!!! I am saying this from my own experience….!!

Long live DHH(The creator of RoR).

Ruby on rails is here to steal the show from all programming greats……………

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